Zamia AI - Architecture

Zamia AI uses XSB Prolog at the core for knowledge storage, processing and reasoning plus a seq2seq model to map natural language to python code which queries the Prolog engine:

The principle behind Zamia AI's processing is quite simple:

Natural language triggers actions(code)

Or, to put it in other words: Zamia AI is a generic system that transform inputs into actions(code) via a neural seq2seq network.

Fundamental Ideas

At the foundation of Zamia AI lies a set of innovative ideas and principles:

Zamia AI Parts

Zamia AI - being a framework - follows a very modular approach to its architecture. Here, we give a brief overview of the various sub-projects that Zamia AI consists of. Please note that - depending on your application - you can but do not have to use all components but instead you can mix and match and add your own components as you see fit.

What is provided

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